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Peter Hunt Ernst & Young TV interview

Dear New Citizen of the World,

Welcome to this world! It is probably the very first letter that has been written especially for You. We would like to tell You: “The first sleep is the sweetest! Enjoy it! Feel the love of Your mom and dad, and the love Your country has toward You. Feel the warmth in our hearts that we want to share with You.”

We are so happy that Pärnu County’s pillow and quilt manufacturer AS Wendre has initiated this incredible project which involves giving a gift of a brand new blanket and pillow to each child born in Estonia between 2012 and 2015. It is Your very first gift, the softest and most spectacular pillow and blanket.

During the period of three years, approximately 45 000 children are estimated to be born in Estonia. Wendre in collaboration with the Support Foundation of Tallinn Children’s Hospital and Estonian Midwives Association will help these children to have sweet dreams.  Our idea is simple – to speak to the fathers and mothers and let them know – You have accomplished something very special – You have filled our country with children and grandchildren.

And last but not least, to tell You, the new citizen of the world, that You are extremely welcomed by all of us!

Yours sincerely,

Evelin Ilves

Patron of the Support Foundation of Tallinn Children’s Hospital

Peter Hunt

AS Wendre, Chairman of the board